Thanks for the memories, timehop…. sometimes

It’s Thursday…

So in honor of the never ending #tbt trend, I want to talk about timehop.


For anyone who doesn’t know, timehop is an app which shows you your social media activity from the past. You can link it to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc ( say etc because who even uses the rest of the options it offers) and every day timehop will show you what you posted X number of years ago. Sometimes it goes back as far as TEN YEARS! Personally, I usually have at least one (but usually more than one) cringe-worthy post from my past that shows up in my timehop every day.

At 25 years old do I really want to be reminded of how my sassy 15 year old self thought she was queen of the world? No. No, I do not. Although my sassy 25 year old self sometimes still likes to think she is queen of the world…

The worst are the ones from Facebook. 99.9% of the time I delete them as soon as I check my timehop and am reminded of what I posted. I’ve decided that these are the worst because Facebook was the first social media platform I joined (I never did the myspace thing) so when I started out I had no idea what I was doing and no real grasp on the concept that what you put on the internet is on there FOREVER. Yes, you can delete it but somewhere deep in the internet archives is that post with three F-bombs that you don’t want you’re future husbands sweet grandmother to see.

Second to the Facebook posts are the Instagram photos showcasing that loser ex-boyfriend you finally realized you needed to drop. I get it, I took too long to figure it out. All my friends and family knew he was a turd nugget and tried to get me to break up with him six months before I actually found the guts to do it. So thanks, timehop, but I don’t need to be reminded of the super sappy, “OMG Joe Shmoe is the worlds greatest boyfriend how lucky am I?!” full of crap post. That blast needs to stay in the past.

I will say, I love seeing my old tweets. I mean, I think I’m pretty hilarious sometimes. I used to be really active on twitter and tweeted about basically everything I did so occasionally I am reminded of some pretty cool stuff. Also, I met one of my best friend on twitter and we used to tweet each other constantly. I love seeing the beginning of our friendship and remembering how it grew over time. Without twitter, I wouldn’t have her in my life at all and she rocks so I’m pretty grateful for twitter connecting us.

Overall, I think timehop is a fun app that allows us to see how much we have changed and grown and sometimes reminds us of who we really are. What do you think of timehop?

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