Engagement Fever…



Right…? I can’t be the ONLY girl my age who is chomping at the bit to get engaged. It took me SO long to find Mr. Right and now that I found him I’m ready, let’s do this thing.

I have watched so many girls go before me. The photos of the engagements, the beautiful rings, the big announcements on social media, the excitement of changing their relationship status to “engaged”. Come on, you know you all love that kind of stuff! Many of these girls I have been genuinely happy for, or at least I’ve tried really really hard to be. But with every single announcement, that little ping of jealousy that I wish wasn’t there at all would get just a little bigger. When’s it going to be my turn? Am I going to be the last one? Does my prince charming even exist?

Well it turns out he does exist. Tom is the most incredible guy I have ever met. He’s genuine and caring, handsome and hard-working. He’s incredibly motivated and has the biggest heart you could imagine. I could go on and on about him but I’ll save that for another post. Let’s leave it at this: he’s the one, no doubt. And guess what? He’s made my engagement fever even worse!!

I see rings everywhere. I mean everywhere. I turn on the TV and the commercial is for a jeweler. I get in the car and a Shane Company commercial is on the radio. I check my email and I have 10 pins from Pinterest that are all engagement rings. I drive down the highway and I notice billboards for engagements rings that I swear weren’t there the day before. I can’t escape it. It’s like when you want to buy a new car and suddenly you see that car everywhere.

I understand we have to wait until the right time. Until we have been together long enough to get engaged without society sending shade our way. Until we have the ability to get our own place. Until we can save up a good chunk of change to afford a wedding. I understand all the reasons why it hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t until next year but it isn’t stopping me from cruising Pinterest each night before bed, saving all the engagement ring and wedding pins I fall in love with. At this rate, my wedding will be planned before he even pops the question.

But…I can’t be the only one, right?

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