7 Reasons to Date the Guy From Work

So you have a crush on a guy from work but you’re not sure if you want to go for it. Dating in the workplace can be tricky. There’s basically only 2 ways it can go. Either it works out and everything is great or it doesn’t work out and everything is awkward. Really awkward. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to find out which way it will play out and that’s by just going for it (after making sure there’s not a policy that prohibits relationships between coworkers).

Tom and I re-met at work. I say “re-met” because we actually went to grade school together but hadn’t seen each other in about 12 years when I happened to get a job at the same company where he had been working for about 3 years. I didn’t think anything of it and I actually turned him down the first time he try to win me over, something I make sure to remind him of occasionally. Still, he didn’t give up (something I’m very grateful for) and now here we are working out great. It was definitely risky and in the beginning maybe that was part of the fun. It could have gone either way, and I’m lucky that it worked out because he’s really great. Despite the fact that we could have easily crashed and burned, I would take the chance every single time.

So here are 7 reasons why I think you should date that guy from work:

  1. Mid-day smiles when he stops by your desk: Everyone needs a pick me up during the work day sometimes (especially on Monday’s) so why not get your pick me up from your crush! As long as he’s not lingering long enough to truly distract you from what you need to get done, it’s perfectly fine to steal smiles throughout the day!
  2. Lunch dates: No more wondering who you’ll eat lunch with if everyone else is busy. Now you have a guaranteed lunch date right down the hall.
  3. He’ll walk you to your car after work: Hopefully Tom isn’t the last man on earth that does this for women (I also haven’t opened a door since we started dating) because even though it seems like a small gesture it speaks volumes to his character and frankly, it makes me smile and is a great way to end a work day
  4. You can call him just to say something quick: This happens probably once a day for us and it goes like this – *pick up phone, dial Tom’s extension* “Hello?” … “Is anyone in your office?” …”No”…”I love you”…”I love you too”…”Okay, bee”…”Bee”…It’s literally a 10 second phone call but it makes me smile and I know he’s smiling down the hall as well. If someone is in his office I don’t expect him to say it back, I don’t want to embarrass him that much! But it’s our own little thing that we do that breaks up the day and keeps us smiling as we work.
  5. He can turn your day around: Not every day is going to be perfect, sometimes work sucks and is stressful. Personally, I’ve cried twice at work and each time it sucks and is really embarrassing. So it’s kind of convenient that in those moments I can just go into his office and talk to him about what’s going on. It gives me 5 minutes to get rid of the tears, pull myself together, he can make me laugh and then I get right back to work. Instead of dwelling on your bad day all day until work is over and you can call him, he gets the live updates and can help you through it when it’s bad and enjoy it with you when it’s good
  6. You can see him in his suit: Ladies, we all love a man in a suit right? Well, now you don’t have to wait for a wedding or special occasion to see your man dressed up. One of my favorite things about working with Tom is that I get to see him in his suit everyday and I love it. It’s just a small thing that puts a smile on my face because he sure does clean up nice *heart eyed emoji*
  7. Sometimes you match: This might be my personal favorite. Tom and I have been together long enough now that sometimes I feel like we are totally in sync. Great minds think alike, you know! So I love it when we show up to the office and we are matching without planning it. Again, just something small to make you smile.

We both showed up to work in pink so of course I had to get a photo before we changed our clothes

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