Weekend Recap: April 15-17, 2016

Sunday night has arrived and thinking back on my weekend I’m kind of dreading going to work tomorrow. This weekend was a blast, I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t used to have a weekend because I worked in a bar so I was working Friday-Tuesday and my off days were Wednesday/Thursday. Now that I get actual weekends, I’m doing my best to make the most of them! So here’s what this weekend had in store for me.


On Friday I helped run our agency’s charity golf tournament. This is the first one we have done and it was a big undertaking. We planned it in about a month, which is no time at all to plan this big of an event, and we were so excited that it came together so well. Everyone seemed like they had a blast and although I won’t have the final numbers until Monday, I think we raised about $4,000 for our charity, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. This is a charity that raises money to fund research for a cure to childhood cancer. It’s something our company is involved with nationally and the more work I do with the foundation, the closer this cause grows to my heart.


Another perk of working together is spending the day on the golf course together

After the golf tournament on Friday I raced home and changed into a dress so that I could be a plus one at a wedding reception! My friend Amanda was going to a wedding and I got the pleasure of being her date. It was such a blast. The bride’s brother is a friend of ours so we got to see him and the reception was beautiful. Of course it has made my engagement fever much worse (which you can read about here) but thats just a side effect of a beautiful wedding. Amanda and I danced all night and it was so much fun! Exactly what we both needed to end our week!


good friends and good times!

After the reception Tom picked me up and by then it was pretty late so we passed right out when we got home because we had to get up early on Saturday for……


THE COLOR RUN!!! That’s right, on Saturday morning we woke up bright and early at 6:30am to do the color run downtown! I had never done the run before so I was super excited. I bounced outta bed and spent 15 minutes trying to get Tom up because he was not quite as excited to wake up that early… We headed to Amanda’s place where I had to get her out of bed as well. I was certain we were going to be late! The run wasn’t exactly what I was expecting because my friends wanted to walk and I felt bad leaving her so Tom and I walked as well. The only thing I would change for next year is to actually run it. Still, it was a blast and definitely something I’m going to do again!






my favorite color run crew

After the color run I had to take my car to the shop…. which honestly wasn’t fun so we’ll just skip right over that. I was pretty exhausted from the long day before and getting up before the sun so when I got home that afternoon I decided to take a nap. When I woke up mom was getting dinner ready and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my family. We celebrated my dad’s birthday and had a delicious dinner that ended with apple pie. We watched a lot of hockey and talked and laughed. It was pretty perfect. Tom and I ended the evening watching Netflix and after he fell asleep I read my book for a little while before falling asleep myself.


Sunday’s are for church and basketball. At least for us they are. We start almost every Sunday by going to church. I think of it as my weekly reset, it calms my mind and gets me ready for the week to come. After church Tom has a rec league that he plays in each week, sometimes two teams. So I spend one or two hours watching him play basketball and laughing at the other teams who take it far too seriously. Every week it never fails, there is at least one person on the other team who peaked in high school and takes the rec league way too seriously. This one player spends the entire game running his month and getting more frustrated with each shot our team sinks. I’m a pretty feisty individual and I usually can’t help but chirp him from the sidelines which only makes him more mad. It ends up being pretty entertaining and makes the time go by pretty quickly. I love watching Tom play basketball because it’s something that he really loves. Anytime he’s happy, I’m happy. After basketball I came home to do some laundry and things around the house. Tom went to play golf with my brother, an event I was not allowed to attend, which makes my heart so happy. Knowing that he wants to spend time with my family on his own means so much to me. Plus, don’t these two look totally precious?


my heart is so happy

So now that I have had such a full weekend I’m going to spend my evening relaxing and getting ready for Monday, which I’m sure will come too quickly.

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