Bieber Fever

I have it and I have no shame.

This week we went to the Justin Bieber concert and it was a blast! After work we met our friends at a sports bar downtown to get dinner and drinks before the show. There was a baseball game so the boys got to watch some of that as well. It was really nice outside so we walked from the bar to the concert instead of taking an Uber.

Once we got inside there was still about 30 minutes until he came on stage and we weren’t that interested in the openers so we got a round of drinks and people watched on the concourse. It was crazy to see some of the outfits these young girls were wearing. A lot of the time it was hard to tell if the girls were 15 or 25. It made us feel pretty old and we joked about it much of the evening. Honestly though, some of these girls were wearing outfits that made my jaw drop. I was seeing parts of their bodies that I shouldn’t have been seeing.

Tom is a real trooper. As you can imagine, this wasn’t his choice. He asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day and I said I wanted to see Justin Bieber. His immediate response was, “absolutely not, I’m not spending my money on Justin Bieber, pick something else”. So I sent him some ideas and waited anxiously for Valentine’s Day to come around. We celebrated with a nice dinner and then exchanged gifts. I was honestly really surprised when he gave me the tickets, he must really love me to have done so! Although, I don’t think he expected me to want him to go to the show with me. I think he thought I would take one of my girlfriends but I knew he was the only one I wanted to go with. So whether he liked it or not, we were going!

The night ended up being one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while. The show was fantastic and even Tom had a great time. Although that may have been because I was happily wiggling to the music right next to him… Either way, I’m a pretty lucky girl to be with a man who endures Justin Bieber for me.

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