Just a Girl, Her Dog and the Trails: Running with Riley

IMG_4953Yesterday was SO awesome. The weather was perfect for an outside run so after work I went home and grabbed Riley and we headed up to a park near my house that has lots of trails. I love this park because there are multiple trails with varying levels of difficulty. Some of them are paved, some are gravel and some are dirt. There’s also TONS of green space and a big lake as well as a playground area. Riley even goes down the slides!


When Riley is with me I don’t do my long runs, I’ll just do 3 or 4 miles with her. Yesterday instead of planning a run route I just decided to wing  it. We jumped on a trail and just ran. It was so freeing. That’s the thing I love about running now, I feel like it’s one of the only times my mind actually relaxes. Funny enough, my phone wasn’t working properly. I didn’t update my software and all my apps stopped working so I had no music to listen to. As I was running I could hear my feet hit the pavement with each step and my breathing sounded very deep and controlled. It was one of the best runs I’ve had so far. We did just over 3 miles and then we took a break and walked a bit.


I love that the park has water stations for dogs all along the trails. Riley loves it too!


This is Riley’s “mom, do I really have to run allllll the way down there?!” face

See that long path up there? We sprinted that. It’s really fun to sprint with Riley because she’s so dang fast it forces me to push myself harder and run faster. Riley really is my favorite running buddy. I mean, she’s been my best friend for the last 4 years. If I could take her everywhere with me in life I would, seriously I’m that girl. I would never leave home without her if that was an option. The moment I grab her leash off the hook in the mudroom she knows it’s adventure time. Running is easier when she’s with me too, it’s more fun.  It’s our time to spend together away from the craziness of our loud house and busy lives. Now that it’s spring time we’ll be doing these runs all the time!


No run is complete without a photo shoot with the diva

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