The Best Investment You Can Make: Invest In Yourself

I DID IT! I invested in myself! It may have only been a mere $26 but it was $26 hard earned dollars that I invested in myself and my blog. I can now be found at 

I got rid of that pesky “wordpress” in my domain. I feel official, I feel professional, I feel like a blogger! I know it’s not really that big a deal, every blogger does it eventually. But to me, it’s awesome. I feel like I have now fully committed to my blog, well at least for the next year. I can already see the ways my blog can grow in the coming year and I’m really excited about it!

I had been thinking about blogging for quite a while before I actually started my blog. Just last month I made my first post and it was pretty weird. I felt like I was kind of on the fence about it. I knew I wanted to do it but I wasn’t 100% committed so I didn’t see the sense in spending money on a domain. After being in blog world for just under a month I decided to go ahead and do it! In just one month blog world has brought me out of my shell and into the light just a little more than I was before. I’m happier, I’m more creative, I feel like I have something special of my own to focus on. I’m even a little more courageous, which I realized when I reached out to a fellow blogger via email. In all the time I’ve spent reading blogs I have NEVER reached out to any bloggers, not even my favorites. But having a blog of my own, no matter how new it may be, gave me the confidence to reach out and say hey I really enjoy your blog, can we chat a little. And much to my surprise that blogger wrote back and a friendship has blossomed.

So it might be a small step but every step counts. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

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