Weekend Recap: April 29-May 1, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to a new week, I can’t believe it’s already Monday. I feel like this weekend flew by at lightning speed but man was it fun.


Friday wrapped up a LONG week of work and by 5 o’clock I was beyond ready for the weekend. The Blues were playing game 1 of the second round of playoffs and all of Saint Louis is very excited. We decided to head down to Ballpark Village with a bunch of friends and watch the game on the 40 foot screen! Unfortunately the Blues lost but that didn’t stop us from dancing the night away as if they had won.


Lets go Blues!


Can you tell we like selfies?!


On Saturday we slept in a bit and when we woke up I went straight to the gym. I knocked out my run early so that I could enjoy the rest of my Saturday guilt free. I was so excited about Saturday night! For Christmas I got my mom tickets to The Sound of Music at The Fox. The Sound of Music is one of my mom’s favorite movies/musicals and I can remember watching it with her as a little girl so when I heard the live show was coming to the Fox I knew I had to get us tickets. We had to wait four long months but finally the day arrived! The Fox is a theater that was built in 1929 and the space is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many intricate details to the walls and ceilings and even a 5,200 pound chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. My favorite part however is the beautiful curtain that hangs on the stage. During intermission we went up to the stage to get a closer look. There are so many details in the fabric it’s just incredible. If you’re ever in St. Louis you should catch a show at the Fox.


The view from our seats


Girls night out!

The show was unbelievable. Every single actor/actress did a fantastic job and they all had incredible singing voices. I have stage fright so I’m always blown away when I see people just hop on stage and perform in front of hundreds of people. The girl who played the littlest Von Trapp child, Gretl, was adorable. She couldn’t have been more than four or five years old and every time she spoke or sang the entire audience was just melting. This show lived up to all my expectations and more. I’m already looking into going to another show because I found out they are showing Dirty Dancing, another favorite of mine!


Sunday we kicked the day off with Tom’s basketball game. I decided to multi-task and get my run in while he was playing. There is a track that overlooks the basketball court so I could run and see his game at the same time. His team lost by one basket so that was frustrating but it’s still always fun to watch him play. After basketball, Tom took me home and I got ready for lunch with my mom and brother. We went to a sushi place by our house that does all you can eat sushi. It was so delicious and it was really nice to spend some time with my mom and brother. We watch the Blues game while we were at the restaurant, we were the only people in the place so they let us put the TV on whatever we wanted. We drove home in between the second and third periods and watched the last period at home. The Blues gave up a late goal in the third that sent the game into overtime. I didn’t want to watch because I’m superstitious and I’m pretty sure I’m bad luck so during overtime I went outside and cut the grass. When I was done cutting the grass I came inside to learn that we won!! So the series is tied 1-1 and it’s coming home to Scottrade this week.

By the time the game was over and the grass was cut it was almost 7 so I spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch catching up on TV shows before heading to bed where Tom and I laughed and talked for a few minutes before passing out. I would definitely call this weekend a success.

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