Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I fell away from blog world. I tried to keep up but life had other plans. It’s been almost two months since my last post and those two months have been kind of crazy. I kept saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” but then tomorrow came and I felt I had no time. It’s a good thing this isn’t a full time gig because I would be out of a job if it were! So what have I been doing instead of blogging?

  1. Working: of course I’ve been working because I can’t afford not to. I feel like work consumes my life. I have a regular full time job Monday thru Friday but then, as if that wasn’t enough, I thought it would be possible to get a second job working nights and weekends at a restaurant. Wrong. Not possible. I was overworked, exhausted and irritable after just one week of that nonsense! So no more second job for this girl. BUT! I got a promotion at work! So that has been really exciting but made me pretty busy because until they fill my old position I am doing both jobs.
  2. Babysitting: I’ve been doing a lot of babysitting instead of working a restaurant job. It’s laid back, easy money and it’s not an every day thing. Usually it’s once a week or once every other week. It’s fun because I love the boys I watch and their parents pay me well. If you need extra cash babysitting is the way to go.
  3. Weekend Getaway: We escaped for a few days to the Lake of the Ozarks! This was a trip Tom and I took with 7 of our friends and it was intended to be a celebration of all the June birthdays (one of which is mine). It didn’t feel much like a birthday celebration but it was a blast to get away and get some sunshine.
  4. World War Three: So. Much. Drama. My friend group lately, at least the girls in it, have been fighting constantly. Which is part of the reason our birthday trip didn’t feel much like a birthday celebration. The girls have been fighting and cliquey for weeks now and it all kind of blew up at the lake. We spent 45 minutes hashing out the drama, which was good because when we were done we were able to enjoy the time we had left at the lake. But it hasn’t helped us at home because as soon as we got home from the lake the drama continued as if nothing was different.
  5. Focusing on my relationship: Things with Tom have been so great. I feel like we are in such a good place and growing our relationship is the priority to me right now. That’s not to say that I have, or ever will, forget about my friends. But I do know that if I am going to spend the rest of my life with this man, he has to be the priority. I want him to be the priority.
  6. Making a change: I changed my hair! From dark brunette to blonde, blonde, blonde. And I love it! It’s the perfect fresh color for summer: 

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