Here We Go Again…


I feel like I write this post every few months. Last time it was called “Life’s Little Updates” and now it’s just…a repeat I guess! Life is changing so much and so quickly lately that sometimes I don’t feel like I can even keep up. As soon as I figure things out, they change. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to write more regularly. But for now, here are a few of the big things that have happened in the last year(ish):

November 2017 – we got engaged


December 2017 – we booked our wedding venue

CFP pic2_1

May 2018 – took save the date photos


June 2018 – bought a condo (& then moved out of the only home & bedroom I had known for 28 years!)


July 2018 – family vacation to the beach


October 2018 – took engagement photos


So clearly it’s been a big year(ish) for us with LOTS of change and important milestones. It’s been a little crazy to keep my emotions and anxiety in check during all of this and I think that’s something that isn’t talked about enough. I just wish people realized it’s okay to feel your feelings in a big way. It’s okay to be scared to death of something that is also really exciting. It’s okay to sometimes be sad during one of the best times of your life. Pre-wedding (ours is in 22 days) anxiety and depression are SO real and need to be normalized. Anyway, not sure where this rambling is headed but thinking I should save my thoughts on pre-wedding feels for another post..

Until next time





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